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Color tuning is a technique given to me from my guardians a long time ago. 

It is used for clearing, balancing, and flowing new energy through the chakras and through the entire body. Chakras are the vortexes in your body that spiral from the front and back into the center spinal column and into your vital organs. This allows continuous energy flow through the body from Universal source. When we store negative energy (trauma, sorrow, anger, fear, doubt, envy, jealousy and rage) in our body it causes the energy to stagnate, slow down and deviate from it's optimum flow and shut down. This will eventually cause dis-ease within the body.  When we restore balance to the body it will heal itself.

This pattern begins at an early age due to the way we are taught to process our emotions. 

We all harbor the scars from our childhood humiliations, torments, inadequacies and judgments which we compound through our adolescence and adulthood carrying them to the present within our bodies. The human body cannot function without these energy vortexes being open. Because we are made of energy!


The illusion is that we are solid.

 We are not! Nothing on this planet is solid.

So, we can change anything in our body by changing its energy flow. Why does Color work to clear and balance the chakras? Colors are frequencies that vibrate at different speeds which correspond to the different placements of the chakras. There are more than seven chakras but we will deal primarily with the main seven...

If just thinking of these colors isn't working for you, you can also picture flowers and their fragrances, food and their flavors, clothing and how they feel or sound, music and how the different notes affect you. 

All of these things have frequency which will vibrate to the different vortexes

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