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ORANGE: the second chakra is creation of life, yes, but also everything that we can think of to create comes from this Chakra. Offspring, art, music, design, food etc., you name it: this is the place it originates. That is why it is most important to keep the second chakra and all of our Chakras open and flowing.


This area involves our reproductive organs, bowels, lower back and hips.  

After taking your last breath of RED we Breath in ORANGE into the groin area and allow that color to permeate through all of the reproductive organs, flowing downward through the lower extremities until it flows out of the feet and toes. And then, at least twenty four inches past the feet. At the same time it is flowing upward through all of the upper body's organs and flowing out of the body through the arms, hands, fingers, and out the top of the head.     


Take a deep breath of ORANGE.

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