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Red: is where we'll begin.  Technically, red enters below the public bone, but I prefer to have it come up from the center of Mother Earth through the feet as this helps to ground us.

RED is our connection to Mother Earth, power, energy, spontaneity, movement and most important grounding.  The energy from this Chakra pertains to the lower extremities from the thighs, knees, shins, calves, ankles, and feet.

If there is limited energy or it is completely shut down we can manifest all sorts of dis-ease or altered energy flow in these areas.  When we are not grounded we can feel light headed, fuzzy, tired and just not solid.


You start by getting in a comfortable position, either sitting or lying.


You visualize yourself standing on Mother Earth. Then you see the hot RED at her core: bringing it up through the earth until it comes into your feet, then through your toes and finally up through your heels, entering into your bone marrow spreading out and up simultaneously. This hot RED energy spreads through the spinal column and muscle tissue, expanding outward, until it flows out through your arms, hands, fingers at the same time flowing out the top of your head. 


Take a deep breath of RED. 

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