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To finish this meditation, we bring in WHITE through the top of the head, connecting to source and running it through all of the cells in the body, expanding it out six feet in all directions so you see yourself in a WHITE bubble of light protected from all things seen and unseen. 


This bubble can be used before you get out of bed in the morning and anytime during the day.


This meditation clears, heals, balances, centers and pours fresh new energy through the chakras and the body regenerating, healing, and rejuvenating.


This is also a very simple meditation once you have it down, all you have to do to get in balance is to breath a color a breath, red, orange, and so on.  You can even just breathe the whole rainbow at once, it is a rush but very effective.

I use this mediation twice every day: morning and evening before bed to clear my aura and protect myself for the day and the evening going into dream time.  

We are not taught any metaphysical training at all, even a simple protection breath for children would be so wonderful and helpful.   


To go further with this you can ask your guardians in any color if there is anything you should be taking note of or paying attention to.


Like if you have a pain in your solar plexus you can be shown what is stuck there or why you are having pain.


In WHITE you can ask your guardians to take you to your sacred space and you will find such a beautiful safe place to hang out you will love it.

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