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Almond Blossom

The Rainbow Frequency (RF) provides stunning and surreal art work that has messages that you will understand with an open mind and heart. The work and sessions are personal, rewarding and they have helped me better understand who I am and what choices I can make to live a fuller, creative, and balanced life. As one Antonio Machado writes, “traveler there is no path, the path begins with your footsteps” and so every session and the artwork with RF is unique to the individual. Highly satisfied and the work has helped me since.

Cristian T. 

Field of Flowers

"Evangeline is the best. Her readings through art are incredibly insightful and unique. The art itself is interesting and expressive. She interprets the symbolism of the art/energy that is surrounding me during that time which is very helpful to me. She has helped me to uncover psychic or emotional blockages that I couldn't see for myself, and has taught me so much about spirituality. She has been supportive, encouraging, and has helped me to further heal along my spiritual journey. She has tons of experience and I aspire to be a psychic like her. I am very grateful to have found her!"

Christina, aka Firefly Tarot

White Flowers

My first intuitive art reading blew me away. The beautiful art work moves like energy.

Evangeline is truly a catalyst that helps you tap into your subconscious. The art work each month really is spot on with my energies.

There's needs to be a level of honesty within one's self to benefit from each session.

It's very triggering emotionally but the release of old beliefs or old programing you have embedded in your mind, soul, or even subconscious comes right to your face. This is where the shifts occurred with me. Through the intuitive art work each month, I was able to  confront my own old outdated thinking and align myself to my truest path. 

Faye Tomas

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