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YELLOW: the third Chakra is our will power, our guidance system and where we get the messages from our guardians, our Angels, etc. When we feel we're making a mistake, it's from OUR GUT. 

Your mind usually talks you out of what your gut tells you, but the gut is pure. 

The mind is the one that has been taught. In this Chakra, I add a technique for taking back your power.

We are shown in our society that if you love someone you give them your power. 

This starts out with our parents, siblings, mates, children, and friends. We even give power to our job, or emotions like fear, doubt, anger, sorrow and pain.  So, by the time we are in are twenties we have depleted our will center pretty good.


This technique of taking back your power can be used visualizing the person or thing you want to disconnect from in front of you, looking at them or it and saying:


"I Take my power back from you. I release you. I release myself and with whatever your mind can create — a sword, chainsaw, knife or laser cut the cords that bind you. They can look like any type of cords, shiny, dull, ugly, distorted and can connect you to other people in different chakras as well.

If you cannot see them, this technique still works. 

When the anger comes from you for any reason, there is no moving forward or release from our past hurts. We then resist letting go.


The general release is to say:

"I take back my power from every person, place or thing that I have given it to." 

Visualize yourself cutting all the cords to everything for which you have connected, and at once, bring your energy back."

You know when you want something? You send out these cords that attach themselves to that thing or someone or concepts. If we don't release those cords, they keep depleting us until we cannot replenish our solar plexus or center ourselves.  


You will feel so full and solid after this. 

Our will power center is so important as it feeds the liver, kidneys, stomach, digestion, adrenals, middle back.

You can see if this center continues to have its energy depleted or misdirected by your ability to digest and clear the toxins from your blood, as this will be greatly affected. 

The biggest toxin, believe it or not, is ANGER! Even bigger than alcohol or drugs! That is why when anger turns inward, it can become cancer that starts eating at the body. Okay back on point. Once you have said your affirmation and have brought all of your golden cords back into your body, you expand the yellow from your stomach moving outward through your whole body and out through the feet, hands, and head until your entire body is glowing with YELLOW.

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